Product overview:
TGH-25 Heating & End Forging Equipment is a multifunctional combined machine, which can be used for heating metallic materials and pressing beautiful fishtail patterns, it is of multiple purposes in one unit, convenient & high efficient, as well as greatly improved work efficiency. This machine has such advantages as easy operation, saving power and energy, high efficient & environmental friendly and convenient use, etc; which belongs to a hi-tech environmental-friendly product in the industry of iron craftworks;

Technical parameters and machining capacity:
Number ltem TGH-25 of end forging part
1 Suitable material to be processed Low-carbon steel
2 Max size of stocks to be processed(mm) Flat steel 50×10
Round steel φ14
Square steel 14×14
3 Motor Power 2.2KW
Voltage 380v
Frequency 50HZ
        ltem TGH-25B of heating part
4 Input voltage 380V/50HZ
5 Input power 4-25kw
6 Cooling water pressure 0.1-0.3MPa
7 Water output flow 5-7L/MIN
8 Packing size 960x860x1310mm
9 Net/Gross weight 280/350kg