Product overview:
Model TYW-14 Metal End Forging Machine is a special facility for processing the end of metal material into the shape of fish-tail during the metal shaping processing .It features simple,practical,low-noises and high work efficiency. To meet different demands for appreciation of the beautiful, it can forge along the axial line with cone-shaped ripple die,as well as forge along radial direction with eccentric die .It is used extensively in the industries of construction, decoration and ornamentation, furniture-making, municipal administrative construction and garden building.

Technical parameters and machining capacity:
Items TYW-14 capacities
Max sizes of stocks to be processed (mm) Round steel Φ14mm
Square steel 14×14mm
Flat steel 40×10mm
Cycloidal pin-wheel
Power  (kw) 2.2kw
Voltage (V) 380v
Frequency (HZ) 50HZ
External size 820×510×1160mm
Packing size 920×620×1330mm
Net weigh (kg) 300kg
Gross weight (kg) 360kg