Product overview:
TNQ-20 and TNQ-25 twisting machines can the square steel, flat steel, etc. metallic materials into screw thread pattern, and meanwhile guarantee the high efficiency batch production and the standardization of twisted product. Such machine can also be equipped with the lantern auxiliary unit manufactured by our factory to twist lantern (birdcage). It is simple in installation, saving labor, and easy to operate; such machinecan also be equipped with the fishtail auxiliary unit manufactured by our factory to coin fishtail pattern as well. The TNQ-25 is a new type reinforced equipment with processing capacity larger than the TNQ-20.TNQ-20B and TNQ-25B are the new type equipment which are controlled by microcomputer and operate with high accuracy, large batch processing and automatic reckon by the piece, therefore are the ideal equipment indispensable to specialized batch production.

Technical parameters and machining capacity:
Items TNQ-25 capccities
Max sizes of stocks to be processed (mm) Square steel 25×25mm
Flat steel 30×8mm
Cycloidal pin-wheel
Power  (KW) 1.5kw
Rotating speed (r/min) 1400
Voltage (V) 380V
Frequency (HZ) 50HZ
External size 1600×600×1100mm
Packing size 1720×740×1350mm
Net weigh (kg) 380kg
Gross weight (kg) 460kg