Product overview:
TNQ-20 TWISTING MACHINE is a special appliance which is manufactured all by us. Having been twisted, the metal stocks are changeable and form spiral patterns with beautiful effect. The tool can widely be used in the fields of architecture, decoration, furniture-making and municipal gardening. After improvement, the tool can be operated not only by manual to process single stocks for small amount but also by procedure of photoelectric code to process wholesale ones continuously. The tool has the characteristics of simple in structure, easy to operate, saving electricity, high efficiency, etc, It is worm welcome by clients.

Technical parameters and machining capacity:
Items TNQ-20 capccities
Max sizes of stocks to be processed (mm) Square steel 20×20mm
Flat steel 40×8mm
Cycloidal pin-wheel
Power  (KW) 1.5kw
Rotating speed (r/min) 910
Voltage (V) 380V
Frequency (HZ) 50HZ
External size 1400×570×970mm
Packing size 1510×650×1330mm
Net weigh (kg) 330kg
Gross weight (kg) 420kg