Product overview:
High-frequency induction heating equipment is a kind of large power heating equipment for heating the surface, inner hole or part of workpiece or wholly by the effect generated by induced current that is from the workpiece in a alternating magnetic field based on the principle of electromagnetic induction principle.Mingfeng-brand high-frequency induction heating equipment is complied with the modern internationally advanced power electronic technology theory whose main circuit uses the power electronic components of IGBT, MOSFET and etc. world famous manufacturers which are processed in accordance with strict technical requirements. This heating equipment has such advantages as small size, light weight, convenient installation, easy operation, energy-saving & environmental-friendly, high efficiency & safety and low maintenance cost, etc. compared with old-fashioned electronic tube high-frequency heating, coal oven heating, cabinet-type electric furnace heating and oxyacetylene heating, etc. equipment and is an ideal renewal product for other heating equipment. It is widely applied to brazing, heat treatment, forming through heating and smelting of precious metals, etc. other heating fields.

Technical parameters and machining capacity:
Model TGH-25B
Input voltage 380V/50HZ
Input power 4-25kw
Cooling water pressure 0.1—0.3MPa
water output flow 5-7L/MIN
Net/Gross Weight 130/182kg
Packing size 830x660x1400mm