Product overview:
Model TLH Round Tube Thread Embossing Machine is a special equipment to emboss the outer circle of round tube into spiral shape of the round tubes with different diameters. Through the ways of changing snap gauge, modifying the knives inside the machine, or changing the numbers on the digital display time relay, it can make round tubes with spiral shape of different diameters and different length.To meet the needs of people with different taste and the needs of design and decoration industry, we are the first one in China developed 3 different helical patterns with 3 head, 4 head and 6 head. This machine is widely used in building decoration, security doors & windows, guardrails, staircase, steel furniture and iron industries. Characteristics of this machine: wide field of application, convenient to operate, easy to master.

Technical parameters and machining capacity:
Items TLH-50 Capacities
MaximumEmbossing Capacity ≤Ф50mm
Maximum Embossing Length 900mm6 meters
Wall Thickness of Embossing ≤0.8-1.5
Cycloidal pin-wheel Decelerator 3KW  380V/50HZ
External Size(mm) 1960×540×1160mm
Packing Size(mm) 2020×600×1270mm
Net/Gross Weight(kg) 280/352kg