Product overview:
TQH-50 Wrought Iron Arc cutting Machine is a special equipment used for cutting the tip of round pipes and square pipes into arc shape. Round pipes,square pipes and special pipes of different specifications,through the incision of the tip(arc shape) by this equipment, its tip of the incision can fit exactly with weilding connector of pipe outer wall, after welding its appearance become strong and beautiful, the equipment is cheap and fine, easy to operate, it’s an indispensable special equipment for modern steel furniture, pipe notching and wrought iron products.

Technical parameters and machining capacity:
Items TQH-50 Capacities
Processing  materials  properties Nomal tubes and pipes(under A3
Notching  capacities Round tube φ19-φ50
Square tube 38×38×1.5
Rectangular pipe 50×30×1.5
Max  thickness  of  pipes ≤1.5mm
Motor 0.75KW  380V  50HZ
Packing size 800×690×1120(mm)
Net /Gross Weight(kg) 136/166kg