Product overview:
TQD-30 8mm shearer for plate and shaped materials is one of the series products of new shearing machines. It is an improvement on type TQD-30A shearer, the struction of movable shear supporter is changed and hand-operation is replaced by foot- operated switch. It is more the whole machine is increased.The shearer is new and reasonable in design and artistic in mould, handy in use. Comparing with the products of the same category, it possesses the advantage of low energy consumption, great power and wide processing scope,etc. It is really the best machine for the multi pipe-position shearing and punching of the plate and shaped materials.

Technical parameters and machining capacity:
ltems TQD-30 capabilities
Voltage 380v Strokes of cutter 34mm
Power 2.2kw
Frequency 50(60)Hz Cutting times 32/min
Max sixes
of the stocks to
Round steel φ30 50x50x5
Square steel 20×20 60x60x5
Flat steel 100×12 17x40/8
Angle steel 75×75×8 φ22/8
External size 900×500×1100mm Net weight 500kg
Packing size 960×630×1290mm Gross weight 580kg