Product overview:
TDL-25 lantern & twisting machine is a new mode with hydraulic adding system based on mechatronics. It is a premium machine with not only Electromechanical CNC, but also hydraulic system. The machine can twist four (6*6, 8*8, 10*10 mm) square steel or eight (4*4, 5*5, 6*6, 8*8 mm) square steel into different lantern shape like basket or birdcage.  It also can twist 6 to 25 mm square steel or 8*30 mm flat steel into the shape of braided. This is a new two-function machine, which can be used to twist single tubes and twist multi tubes into lantern shape.Symbolic factors: two-function, more efficient, less need of labor, less need of financial investment, good choice for iron art, architecture and furniture manufacture industry.

Technical parameters and machining capacity:
ltems TDL-25 capacities
Max processing capacity: twisting Flat steel ≤40×8
Square steel ≤25×25
Max processing capacity: lantern  shaping Round steel Φ6×168,Φ8×188,Φ10×168
Square steel 6×6×168, 8×8×188, 10×10×220
Electrical Motor Power 1.5KW×2
Electricity 380V, 50HZ
External Size(mm) 1560×590×1170mm
Packing Size(mm) 1660×690×1340mm
Net Weight(kg) 480kg
Gross Weight(kg) 560kg