Product overview:
The TCJ-50 Wrought Iron End Scrolling Machine is a new product used to flatten the end of iron material and then heat it and scroll it into cochleate shape. This machine is a new product researched and developed by our factory based on the market demands through introducing the advanced foreign technology, so that the ends of standard wrought iron components are made more perfect.

Technical parameters and machining capacity:
Items TCJ-50  Capacities
Max Sizes of the Stocks to be Processed Square steel ≤16×16mm
Round Steel ≤φ16mm
Flat Steel ≤50×8mm
Cycloidal pin-wheel Decelerator 1.5KW, 380V/50HZ
External Size (L×W×H)(mm) 1100×560×1300mm
Packing Size (L×W×H)(mm) 1020×640×1480mm
Net /Gross Weight(kg) 316/352 kg