Product overview:
Model TJY-60 circling machine can be used to circle some circular tube, square tube, round steel and flat steel into circle or arc with different specifications. Double used in circling, in which circling capacity of side A is≥150mm, while side B is≥300mm.

Technical parameters and machining capacity:
Items TJY-60 capacities
Max sizes of stocks to be processed (mm) Round Tube ≤60×2 mm
Square Tube ≤60×60×2.5 mm
Round steel ≤Φ20 mm
Flat Steel ≤60×10 mm
Cycloidal pin-wheel decelerator Electricity 380v 50HZ
Power 1.5KW
External size(mm) 720×620×1100 mm
Packing Size (mm) 820×710×1330 mm
Net Weight (kg) 310kg
Gross Weight (kg) 350kg